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    Just got back from our New Years Eve casino trip and what do I see? The Outdoor channel has the American Rifleman show on and the majority of this show is dedicated to the SCTP shooting at the CARDINAL CENTER IN OHIO.

    Great video of the kids shooting against the screen and interviews with the leaders of the SCTP. Of course they showed all the other venues since Mr. Fishburn built what the SCTP needed when the so called "world shooting and recreational complex"

    This show was followed by the show, Shooting USA which also has some great videos. No screens on the Shooting USA show so it might be a repeat.

    Sorry to take up any space if these shows are repeats. I never saw them before.

    And for you LURKERS, like that photoshop jagoff, if the American Rifleman and Shooting USA want to do yearly shows like this they have plenty of opportunity since the SCTP dumped that place in ILLnews and will be at the CC for what? ANOTHER 10 YEARS? LMAO

    Photoshop that!

    What a joke!

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